Friday, March 12, 2010

I took Maggie to the Gladwyne dog park. I knew this place existed but up till now didn't know its location. So after running google maps I realized how close it was to me. Upon arrival we were greeted by a few dogs and Maggie was in heaven!! We found an off leash trail and set out for a nice hike in the warm weather. Along the way we met two other hikers with their dogs and proceeded in their direction. At the end of the trail Maggie didn't want to leave and I had to bribe her with treats just to get her into the car. On our way out I found the fenced in area that is smaller then the one in Radnor, but looked equally fun. So the next trip I will give that a tray.
A day later I noticed these specs on Maggie's legs and realized they were tiny thorns. I assumed she picked them up when we were hiking on the trail. My daughter and I spent a good hour removing these thorns and eventually I had to cut the rest of them out of her fur. Interesting she didn't seem bothered by them, although I knew if left in the situation could get worse.

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