Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Although Maggie has gotten a little better with taking a walk, she still had to be coerced at times. We switched to the extend-a-leash and she seems to be doing much better. Maybe she feels she gets more freedom on a longer leash. But whatever the case it seems to work. We have increased the amount of time we are out walking and I have picked streets that are not too busy so she can walk without much limitation. When I ask her if she wants to go for a walk she runs to the laundry room and looks at the shelf where we keep her leash happy to be going out. With a longer walk she comes home exhausted and is ready for a nap. It helps us both. She gets more exercise and when she naps I get more done around the house!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Well it finally happened. Maggie threw up and it was not pleasant. I have been waiting for something like this to happen. Why you ask? Because this dog eats EVERYTHING!!! Whenever she is outside she will eat anything from dirt, rocks, grass dead bugs and on the occasion a live bug if she can catch it!!
I walked into the kitchen and she was sitting calmly on her pillow. I glanced over and thought oh no what does she have now. So on a closer look I realized she was looking confused as she looked at her dinner that had come out of her mouth. Along with her dinner was a piece of paper, some grass and some broom bristles that she had managed to find.
She continued heaving so naturally I took her outside and what did she do proceeded to do? Eat more stuff!! Frustrated I took her back inside. I called my neighbor Robin who has experience with puppies and asked her if she had any suggestion for a dog that was throwing up. Her response....keep her off your carpets! Thanks Robin!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So Maggie had her second visit to the vets. At 13 weeks she is 20 pounds. She is going to be pretty big. Anyway, on our 15 minute drive in the car she whined the whole time. She was sitting in the middle section of the car, saw me, heard me and if she wanted to she could even touch me, but she still cried the whole drive. She definitely doesn't get the concept of a car, The fact that she can move around and look out the window. I guess I have to drive her more places so she can get used to it.

At the vets we were lucky (or unlucky) to get the same nurse who helped us last visit. Heidi, if you remember from a previous visit was not amused to hear we had considered her name for Maggie. So this time I got smart and didn't open my mouth and I have to admit the nurse was a little more pleasant. So the vet told me because she is now 20 pounds we have to cut her meals to twice a day. I have to increase her morning feedings and slowly decrease the lunchtime ones. I don't think this will be very easy. Maggie loves to eat!!!
After two more shots she was declared to have a clean bill of health and growing nicely. For less them $120 I could have told you the same thing!

Monday, September 21, 2009

So it really is true mailmen do carry dog treats in their bags. While out for a walk today I met our new mailman or should I say mail woman. After introducing myself to Cheryl I introduced Maggie to her as well. I figured it would be a good idea for the Cheryl to get to know Maggie in case she is out in the front yard when the mail is delivered. After the introduction, Cheryl asked if Maggie would like a biscuit. When I replied yes she pulled a milk bone dog biscuit out of her mailbag. Maggie ate it promptly. Well that was it for the walk! Maggie just wanted to follow the Cheryl, her new best friend. Maybe I should have let her and then I could have asked Cheryl to deposit her on the front step when she was finished with her deliveries! Heh, maybe we could arrange something and Maggie could keep her company on a daily basis!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So we have established that Maggie loves to play with other dogs. My question is if Maggie hears a dog barks she shakes in terror, puts her tail between her legs and darts for the house. Does she not understand that the barking is coming from the same dogs she plays with? When she hears the dogs bark she looks at me with a question in her eyes. Kinda cute! Is she worried I will be afraid as well ,or is she simply confirming the fact that I am still by her side and will protect her? I guess when she is older she will be able to make the associaton between the dogs she plays with and the dogs that bark.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maggie had her first play date with Shaina and Molly two of my neighbors dogs. They are eight year old bichons and a little tamer then Maggie. We took Maggie for a walk and ended up sitting in their yard for an hour. Shaina was a lot more receptive to Maggie being on her property. Molly was a little more protective and growled if Maggie got too close to her. It was a nice visit and I realized that this is a good outlet for Maggie. She needs to be with her own kind every so often.
Later in the weekend I took Maggie for a walk and met a neighbor walking her dog. Snoopy is two and quite honestly I don't remember what breed she is. But once again Maggie was thrilled to see another dog. It kinda reminds me when my kids were little and we had play dates with other children.There is definitely something to be said for getting together with someone at the same level as you. There is a meeting of the minds!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

This weekend I was sitting on our front porch with Maggie at six in the morning. A pleasant hour just light enough to see but with most people still asleep there was not much activity in the neighborhood. I was reading my book and Maggie (not on a leash) was sniffing around the porch. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement and to my surprise a small fox came up the front yard. At the same time I noticed this fox Maggie sensed it as well. She looked at it and looked at me. I proceeded to yell, more out of surprise then to scare it away, but my scream did scare it down the front lawn. At the same time I yelled for Maggie to come with me and thankfully she listened and we ran in the front door.
I have spoken to friends in the past and they have told me they have seen foxes in our neighborhood, but I couldn't imagine I would encounter one myself.
I was freaked out about the whole experience and I now have to ask myself if I am prepared to change my lifestyle and not enjoy being outside with Maggie? Will this be a onetime occurrence and if I walk Maggie at night will the same thing happen? When did our neighborhood change and become a place for wild animals to roam?
First thing Monday morning I plan on calling the township and finding out what can be done about this problem.

Friday, September 11, 2009

OK so today it is raining. No, actually it is pouring like a monsoon. Well I was trying to figure out how to handle taking Maggie out in this weather. Although we have had a little rain since she came into our lives it has been awhile since she has seen it and never this bad. So this morning as I took her out, umbrella in hand, she ran to do her stuff and couldn't understand what kept landing on her. She looked around and looked up and still couldn't figure it. Well she finally did her stuff and although I don't think she understands the rain she was more then happy to return to the dry house.
It should be an interesting day!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I know I keep saying how smart Maggie is and here is another example. At 11 weeks I would like to think she is more then on her way to being house trained. (Although as I write this blog I feel a small regret creeping into the back of my mind. Am I setting her up or an accident today???) But anyway last night I was the first one home and at 10PM took Maggie out. After she peed I opened the door and tried to bring Maggie back in. Well she refused to go and just sat there. I thought for a minute and realized she was probably telling me she was not finished her business. So I walked her around the yard again and sure enough she had more to do!
Now how smart is that!?! If she had verbal skills she would have just told me she was not finished, but I guess in her own way she really did! As much as she is learning about us we are learning about her as well.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So we are debating between an electric ( hidden) fence versus a basic wooden fence. I can't seem to make up my mind. Everyday I wake up I have a different opinion. Maybe my mind is still stuck in my childhood backyard where a chain link fence was the norm and seemed sufficient for my dog. Most of my friends that have a dog love the electric fence and tell me how freeing it is. One even claims her dog is so fit because he has the ability to run in the yard and if it were not for the fence the dog would not get so much exercise. I do have my second fence company coming out later this week for an estimate. I really was not impressed with the first fence company. The woman that showed up was not prepared for our type of yard and with the area I want the electric fence to cover. She didn't seem to work very hard for my business and left after showing me what the collars look like and promised to send her partner out to talk to me at a later date. We do have time however, because I know the fence can not installed till Maggie is at least 4 months.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Although at times Maggie can be a handful, she is really a lot of fun (not to mention cute!!)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

We've checked out different puppy schools for Maggie. There are many schools out there with many different philosophies. One in particular has caught our interest. The teaching goes in two phases. First they board your dog for 10 days and teach them basic commands as well as socialization etc. This seems to be the standard for most schools. The next step is what has caught our attention. After the 10 day period the owners come in for 5 separate sessions and learn how to deal with the newly trained pup. What I really think is that first the school trains the dogs and then the school trains the people. This is a very interesting process. Their success rate is very high (don't remember what percentage that rate is), but if it works then what the heck!
What I need to find out is if you own the pup that does not graduate then do you get your money back???? Or more importantly if the people who own the pup do not graduate then what happens???

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maggie had her first visit to the vet. It was a little overwhelming (for me) learning about all the shots and treatments that are good for a pup. She received a shot, a nasal spray and heart worm pill and a flea treatment. I didn't know that flea collars are basically non existent today so I had to apply a gel directly to her skin. The atmosphere was pleasant and I thought Maggie would be a little more nervous. She handled everything pretty well. That includes the rather monotone nurse who was not very kind when I mentioned that her name Heidi had been on our original list of name possibilities for Maggie.
But overall I learned that we are taking care of Maggie pretty well (although we didn't realize she needs to be fed three times a day not two). At 10 weeks she weighs a whopping 13.2 pounds. She will be a large dog. I keep thinking little dog little poop, big dog big poop!