Friday, May 20, 2016

So where have we been for the past six years? Maggie has grown and is a full fledged adult dog. She will turn seven next month. She has been keeping me busy. I trained her, had her tested and she is now certified as a therapy dog. Some might ask the purpose of a therapy dog. A therapy dog is trained to provide comfort to people in hospitals and nursing homes. They also help de-stress students. We love visiting different college campuses. Maggie is also part of the literacy program in the Philadelphia area where early readers have the opportunity to read to her in a non judge-mental environment. As an avid reader myself I enjoy being part of the process where children are learning to love to read. And what is there not to love by having a dog right by their side.
So I'm hoping to start back up with my blog and keep you up to date on Maggie's Therapy visits as well as her other activities.
Stay tuned!

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