Monday, February 6, 2017

Pajama Day

I could feel the excitement in the air as soon as Maggie and I entered the Vanguard school in Malvern. I looked around and saw the kids in the pajamas, Teachers as well. Pajama day! If only I had known I would have worn my pajamas and dressed Maggie as well. Actually Maggie doesn’t own pajamas but I would have figured something special for her just so she would fit in!
How wonderful to feel a shift in the energy at the school. The kids were excited to see Maggie and of course Maggie was excited to see the kids. The kids got to wear their favorite pajamas and most of the teachers wore theirs as well. We saw pajamas with stars and princesses. We saw pajamas with dinosaurs and superheroes. We even saw pajamas in many colors of the rainbow. Some kids even chose to wear their slippers to accent their outfits (I’m sure they were instructed to put on their athletic shoes when they went outside to play).
Having a special day brings teachers and children to the same level. It’s another way to say we care about you and are there for you. Some of the teachers even took it another step and chose to have messy hair as if they had just gotten out of bed!
Most kids like a change from the normal schedule. Everyone we saw was in a good mood. No sad faces today, no comments like I don’t want to read to the dogs today. Today was a fun and exciting day. Maggie being a dog who is sensitive to people’s feelings and emotions knew something was different. She was not her usual sedate self. She wagged her tail more and she licked more faces. The librarian noticed a change in her as well.
“What a sensitive dog that Maggie is,” she commented
I smiled to myself and thought ---oh yes she is!

And a great session we had!

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