Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's been awhile since writing in this blog. Maggie is approaching the six month mark. She is acting like a big girl, really understanding what is going on around her. We have started to let her roam more freely around the house. I kinda wonder if she is thinking, where did this part of the house come from???

She certainly likes having more freedom and likes to be with us more then sitting in the kitchen by herself. We have not gotten to the point of letting her wonder the house if we are not home. I would be afraid that she might make herself too comfortable and get used to sleeping on someones bed. So I checked on her when things got a little too quiet and discovered her eating my dried flowers in the living room. I can't imagine they tasted good, but she decided that it was her afternoon snack and I had quite a mess to clean up!
So much for giving her some freedom !!!

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