Sunday, November 29, 2009

We took Maggie to the dog park in Radnor today. I have seen this park for quite some time and decided that Maggie was ready for the socialization and the running that comes with the territory. When we got there Maggie was a little unsure at first but quickly realized that she was free to run and sniff the dogs that were there.
There were a lot of dogs. Most of them were larger breed dogs and full grown. At first Maggie went after the larger dogs but quickly realized she was not the leader so she made her way to a different area that was occupied with smaller dogs. She made friends with one particular dog, a small white one named Dexter that appeared to be a mixed breed. They ended up running around together quite a bit.
I grew tired and sat down on the grass at one point and many different dogs approached me, dropped their tennis or football and waited for me to throw it for them to chase. Well, how can you resist these adorable and playful animals so before I knew it I had a game with two different dogs going on.
We had a nice hour and when we were ready to go I could tell Maggie was disappointed. We then took her to the pet store and bought her treats. I now realize we will have to visit this park on a regular basis

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