Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Got a call from the vet today. Maggie has tested positive for Lyme Disease. I had taken her to the vet last week for a shot and they took blood to run some tests. The results came back positive. This phone call came out of the blue. When the phone rang I checked caller ID and saw the vet calling. I knew this was not a social call, but had no idea they would tell me this.
Maggie does not display the common symptoms of Lyme disease, such as lethargy and arthritis. However they need to test her urine for kidney function. They recommended I put a Tupperware container under Maggie the next time she pees and bring the pee to the vet. This should be an interesting endeavor!! Will Maggie even pee into a plastic container? Will anyone else in the family step up to the plate and offer to take on this job??
I'll keep you posted.

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