Thursday, February 18, 2010

Haven't blogged in awhile.

Maggie continues to grow and amaze us. She is now eight months old and although still considered a puppy she is acting more like an adult dog. Her personality is more prevalent and she has adjusted to a routine.

Maggie had been enjoying the snow this season and she loves to play in it as well as eat it. With the heavy storms it has been a little difficult to let her out in the backyard to "take care of business." so at this point as long as she is outside we don't mind where she goes.

She still loves to go for walks but with all the snow on the ground she doesn't stop to smell the grass, and our walks take a shorter period of time.

A couple of weeks ago Maggie chewed through her leash, so I went out and bought a new one. Her first leash was made out of rope so I purchased one made out of leather thinking she would not be able to chew through it. But she got ahold of it and promptly chewed in ten minutes.

Moral of the story....keep Maggie away from all leashes!

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