Thursday, June 16, 2016

Great Strides

Great Strides. With the school year coming to a close it is amazing to see the growth in all the children. I’m not talking about their height or even their ability to read. What I’m talking about is in their ability to connect with Maggie. With so many children visiting Maggie there are those that have fears and will not pet her or even approach her. I have tried to explain the difference between Maggie and a regular dog (Maggie being very calm).But to no avail. We do not believe in pressuring any children so we just let them watch her from a distance. But this last week has proven that with repetition and positive reinforcement come great strides. I was witness to two young children that previously would not approach Maggie. But over the course of the school year this has changed. They not only felt comfortable approaching Maggie, they also adapted to petting her. One child even sat with her for roughly five minutes. The smile on these children’s faces reached all the way to their eyes. What a pleasure to see how Maggie has helped them grow. (if not for the privacy laws I would have taken a picture). Maggie recognizes most of the children that we visit. But I find it interesting to see her get more excited with certain children. Generally these are the children that have an animal at home and know how to handle her (I know this because I have asked them if they have an animal at home). No poking her face , pulling her tail and no touching her feet, all sensitive areas for her. Some young children need to be watched more than others as they get excited and don’t pay attention to directions very well. All in all it has been a good school year and we look forward to the next school year as well.

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