Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Unknown

The Unknown. The Unknown I’m so fortunate to live near many college and universities. Maggie and I have had the opportunity to visit students at Bryn Mawr College, Haverford College, Immaculata College, Philadelphia College of Medicine, Rosemont College, University of Pennsylvania Medical College, and Villanova University. So what do all these college and universities have in common? A lot of students that are stressed work hard and have a love of animals. As much as the students don’t look forward to mid-terms and finals, Maggie and I do, so we can visit and help relieve their stress. Over the years we have met many wonderful people and had some amazing conversations. But one student stands out the most in my mind. This girl came to “Pets on the Green” as it is known with two of her friends. I noticed her sitting quietly and tried to engage her in conversation. “Do you have a dog at home?” “No,” she replied “Do you like animals?” They’re ok she replied. I quickly realized she was probably just waiting for her friends to finish visiting with Maggie, and probably didn’t want to have a conversation. I did however notice a sadness in her eyes, but decided not to comment about it. After her friends finished their visit and got up to leave she turned to me and said “I’m from Sandy Hook and after the shootings they brought in therapy dogs. It did a lot of good. “ A chill ran down my back. I’ll never know if her sadness stemmed from her stress at school or from her thinking about the events back at home. I did however appreciate her sharing those words with me. It reminded me that we never really know what goes on in someone’s personal life. I do hope she finds a way to heal.

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