Monday, August 22, 2016

Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover

I met a movie producer today. Yes, A real live movie producer. No, not one from Hollywood but one that produced movies in New York. You wouldn’t know it by looking at him as I met him during a therapy visit with Maggie. He gave me this information and quite honestly I didn’t know if I should believe him at first. He eyes the color of the clearest blue sky, were amongst the kindest eyes I have seen in a long time, and they didn’t appear to be joking. I started looking around his room and noticed many photos of him sitting in what looked like a director’s chair and a few more photos of him behind the camera… So he was telling me the truth. I looked at the pictures and saw a vague resemblance to the person sitting in front of me. His disheveled appearance differed from the photos of his youth. As most of the residents of the hospital, this gentleman chose not to talk about his career but instead talked about his dogs-the ones he missed and cherished. Work comes and goes but our true loved ones stay in our hearts forever. I didn’t recognize him as someone I had met before. I assumed he had been transferred here recently. This is a normal process. Patients get transferred to different hospitals in different cities/states depending on their benefits all the time. My curiosity of which movies he directed was piqued but I didn’t rush home and google his name. I felt my connection to him was through Maggie not through his movies. Perhaps one day I will take the leap and watch one of his movies but for now I was content to let that go. I do hope I get to see him when we go back for another visit as our discussion of his dogs was quite touching. So how did this information come out? As I walked into his room he was being notified he won first place in the hospital’s art contest. What did he draw? He drew a picture of wolves. Obviously this is a very talented person. I did check out the drawing on my way out and was very impressed with the drawing.

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