Monday, August 29, 2016

Trip Down Memory Lane

I went back to Haverford Estates Assisted Living a place I hadn’t visited in quite a while. I really don’t know why I stopped going there because Maggie and I had such a great visit. The residents were very warm and welcoming to us. I didn’t recognize anyone from my previous visits but we met many new friends and heard some great stories about their dogs from when they were younger! Many of the residents had never met a Goldendoodle before so I was happy to introduce a new breed to them. We first visited the main floor and then headed to “Reflections” which is their memory impairment unit. So why am I writing about this? As we are visiting with the residents in Reflections I noticed someone visiting with his mother so I decided to go over to talk with them. As we are talking I watched as his mother caressed his arm and I wondered if she even recognized his arm as the arm of the child she raised. I could see his love and devotion come through in his patience with her. I didn’t ask the questions running through my head, how long has his mother has been in this facility? How often he is able to visit with her? I figured he gets asked these questions one time too many. As this gentleman is petting Maggie we had a nice discussion about his desire for a Border collie once he is able to move out of his apartment. As I glance at his baseball cap I notice the emblem of a Redskin, the insignia of the football team from Maryland adorning it. I ask him why he is wearing that particular cap and he replied he originates from Maryland. When I told him I did as well, the nature of our conversation changed dramatically. We compared notes and realized we grew up approximately 2 miles from each other. We spent the next few minutes reminiscing about popular landmarks and hangouts we remembered from our youth. I had a hard time pulling myself away and giving attention to the other residents. I’m one of those people who believe that there is a reason for everything. The fact that I hadn’t visited this facility in quite some time but decided to go on this particular day when this person was going to be there was meant to be. My goal for each session is to bring some happiness to someone’s day. I guess today it was my turn to have a chance to leave the session with a big smile on my face. It was a great trip down memory lane!

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