Monday, November 28, 2016

Current Events and Book Club

I found out at my latest visit to the VA hospital that they have a book club that meets every month. How wonderful for the residents. Someone actually comes in and discusses a book-great for the mind. How did I find this out? One of my regulars told me. I met him in the hallway as I was on my way to visit him in his room. He apologized for not waiting to see me and Maggie but when he explained where he was going I told him I wished I could go with him! He invited me to join him, but I had not finished my visits yet so I declined his offer and told him maybe next time. I also found out that every Tuesday at 9:15 in the morning there is a current events class. This keeps the residents up to date with what is going on in the world. This class is good for residents that are not able to read a newspaper, navigate a computer or have family members that visit them regularly. I will make sure to ask my regulars about what they learned in this class as my day to visit is Tuesday afternoon. On another note, I find it interesting that some residents prefer to talk about themselves and others prefer to talk about the world. This week I met a POW, and on the hospice floor I met an army officer that went through the Korean War. He seemed rather lonely and would have liked for me to pull up a chair and spend the afternoon listening to his wartime stories. I felt badly but after a short period of time I had to leave and visit with other residents. I promised to come back the next time I was at the hospital. The gentleman that was a POW wasn’t interested in talking about his army service he just wanted to spend some time with Maggie. Another gentleman chose to discuss the results of the elections. I felt he craved basic conversation so I stayed as long as I could before I felt compelled to visit with other residents. Another thing I find interesting is that with certain residents Maggie will choose to stand and wait until I am finished talking and with others, she will get comfortable and sprawl out on the floor. When she is comfortable on the floor I usually point this out each person I am talking to. I do this as a compliment to let them know how comfortable they make Maggie. This is usually followed by a big smile. I hope it will last them throughout their day!

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