Monday, November 14, 2016

Veterans Day

We celebrated Veterans Day last week (November 11th). Maggie and I are fortunate to be able to visit and meet many veterans at the VA hospital. Many of them are our regulars but every so often we meet new people who amaze us. This past week on the hospice floor we met a woman (while women at the VA hospital are not the norm I would not call this unusual) who heard about the “dogs” coming for a visit and put in a request for a visit. The minute I checked into the recreation department I was told of this individual and to please be sure to make my way to see her. When I got to her unit I was told again of her request and I assured them that I wouldn’t forget. I found her room and when I did I was not sure what to expect. But when I walked in I found a vibrant excited almost gitty woman that proclaimed “oh the dogs have finally arrived!” Obviously since she was on the hospice unit she belonged there but from an outsiders look you would never believe it. She was attached to an oxygen tank but otherwise she appeared healthy. She called Maggie over right away. Maggie has as ability to read a person’s aura and Maggie responded positively. The woman invited Maggie to join her on her bed (this is something that is frowned upon) but I did not protest as Maggie jumped right on her bed. I can say this woman was happy. At this point a nurse walked into the room and said “I don’t see that dog on your bed, but so nice to see that smile on your face!” There was not a lot of conversation needed in this room. I believe this woman just needed some time giving and receiving some love from a dog, and of course Maggie was happy to fulfill the need. I had a hard time leaving her room but the time eventually came to visit other residents. The rest of our visit went well. Many of the residents chose to talk about the elections (as our visit was on Tuesday-the results were not yet in). I listened as everyone voiced their opinion. I did inquire as to how they vote-absentee ballot is their mode. I can’t wait to go back and talk to them about their perception of the results. Should lead to a good discussion.

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