Monday, January 16, 2017

Agent Orange

Maggie and I met an interesting individual this past week. He was at the VA hospital so he could receive attention to help him manage his pain. When I popped my head in and asked if he wanted a visit from a therapy dog he answered that it was just what he needed! He mentioned that he was at the hospital last year but I do not recall meeting him. As he was petting Maggie he told me that his time spent in Vietnam led him to be come in contact with Agent Orange. Coming into contact with this chemical caused him much pain over the years and this led him to years of drinking, which damaged his liver. Eventually he was added to the transplant list to receive a new liver. No judgement here as to who gets to be put on the list-where you are on the list depending on your habits drinking vs not drinking after all this man served our country! This individual did eventually receive a new liver but while on the operating table coded and had to be brought back to life. His wife didn’t tell him this right away but when he found out he turned to religion. Why? Because he felt God kept him alive many times. We had a pretty good discussion about his experiences. He said he still did not know why God chose to save him while in Vietnam when his buddy to his left was killed his buddy to his right was killed and he was spared. Then again on the operating table his life was spared once again. I answered quickly and said your purpose on earth in not yet finished. He stopped petting Maggie turned to me with his deep blue eyes and nodded his head with an understanding. As I exited his room I turned one last time and saw him looking out the window. I had no idea what he was thinking but I do hope my visit with Maggie was beneficial and eventually his pain will subside.

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