Monday, January 23, 2017

Therapy Starts at Home

I was wracking my brains trying to figure out a blog to write for this week’s installment. As I have been sick and unable to take Maggie on our usual therapy visits I had resigned myself to skip this week. But finally feeling a little better I took Maggie on a walk this morning and ended up at Starbucks. As we sat outside (me drinking my chai tea latte and Maggie drinking her water) Maggie got to watch everyone coming and going. A number of people approached us and asked permission to pet her. Well this made Maggie’s day! A conversation or two and then we set off for home. Some of my greatest thinking occurs on my walks with Maggie and it occurred to me while I was sick with the flu (and I got the flu shot I might add!) Maggie being a therapy dog, was actually giving me therapy. She stayed by my side without complaining. Actually I did enough complaining for both of us! For four days I would crawl out of bed to let Maggie outside to do her business and then let her back inside. We would then go back upstairs so I could lie in bed. Maggie either lied in bed with me, on the carpet next to my bed or in the bathroom (she likes the cool tile) that connects to my bedroom. When I would turn over she would poke her head up to see what I was doing but then she would lay her head right back down when she realized I wasn’t getting out of bed. Not once in four days did Maggie whine or bark at the change in our regular routine. On the fifth day when I had a little more energy and I managed to sit in the den, Maggie was thrilled! I could almost detect a smile on her face. At one point she brought me her favorite toy, a stuffed armadillo, and we had a nice game of tug-a-war! They say therapy starts in the home and Maggie has proven that concept. Thanks dear Maggie for keeping me company when I was at a low point and needing someone by side. Sorry for the cliché but a dog is truly man’s (woman’s ) best friend!

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