Monday, April 3, 2017



I came across a new website called iSpeakDog. It’s a great place to get information about our furry friends. You can find information about dog’s behavior and books on dogs. This site walks you through how to find a trainer. There is a swag shop and even webinars.
I was drawn to the area on behaviors. One of the behaviors that Maggie exhibits that I do not understand is that she digs in the same area of my backyard. This doesn’t just make a mess of my backyard it also leaves Maggie caked in dirt. I say NO but of course from one time to the next Maggie doesn’t listen..
So this site explains that dogs can dig for a variety of reasons:
1)      For critters
2)      Boredom
3)      Cool sleeping spots
4)      Scavenging
5)      Hiding food
6)      Escaping
I ruled out #3, 5 and 6. Maggie doesn’t lie in the hole she digs. She doesn’t hide any food in the hole and she is not trying to escape because the hole is in the middle of the yard. I can definitely see Maggie digging for critters. I can see her scavenging and she could also be bored at times. At least I now have an explanation for this behavior, and as I try to correct this behavior I will do my best not to get angry at her.

Check out this website-iSpeakDog. Thanks to the participating individuals and organizations supporting this site!

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