Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today's the day. Maggie goes to puppy school. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it, but as the day grew closer I realized it is bitter sweet. A much needed break from getting up so early to walk and feed her, but her presence has changed our lives so much that she will be missed. Hard to believe it will be ten days without Maggie. I worry she will think we have abandoned her. Will she be angry when we come to pick her up after ten days?
Looking ahead there are a few aspects of Maggie's personality that need to be changed. She loves people, which is good, but gets so excited around strangers that she jumps all over them. As she has gotten a little older she has become more independent and therefore does not always listen to us. When she is outside and we call her to come in she looks at us and then turns around as if to say I'm not ready yet. She needs to improve on her walking skills, she is all over the place and will not walk by our side. She also needs to understand it is good to chew on a toy, but not good to chew on one's hand.
Overall I think i was a good decision to sign her up for puppy school and I am hoping the ten days will fly by for all of us!

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