Monday, November 2, 2009

MAGGIE'S HOME!!! I was not sure how she would react upon seeing us but she was thrilled!!! She looked bigger, but still jumped into our laps and gave us lots of kisses! The ride home was pleasant, no crying like in the past. Would this be an indication of the new Maggie? The instructor at the puppy school handed us a list of instructions for us to follow. We were told not to worry for the first twenty-four hours in case we screwed up. I admit is was a little worry some, but when we arrived at the house we saw glimpses of the new Maggie. She waited for us to give her commands, she sat when we told her, and if she attempted to chew on our hands the minute we said "no" she actually listened!
What a pleasure. I instantly felt puppy school was worthwhile. We go back next week for a follow up lesson and I am curious to see Maggie's reaction when we return.

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