Wednesday, November 4, 2009

OK, so everything is really good and the new Maggie continues to be a pleasure. BUT we had our first lesson with the instructor from the hidden fence company and I think I am more confused then Maggie. He showed me how to train Maggie by taking her up to the flags (which represent the hidden fence) and once Maggie and I hear the noise (and she feels a little tingle on her neck with the special collar) I have to pull back on the leash while saying "back,back, back." This teaches her to recognize the sound as well as the sensation through the collar. I have to take her along the perimeter twice a day for a week. OK, not so bad. What is totally confusing is that in order to take her down the driveway for a walk, we need to remove the special collar, put her walking leash on and either carry her down the driveway or drive her in the car down the driveway. I am told that eventually this will teach her that only when she has the walking leash on she is allowed to bypass the hidden fence barrier. I hope she gets this soon because I am so confused!

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