Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well Maggie is now home. After a long but pleasant ride to brogue pa. we have brought our bundle of joy home. Meeting Maggie's mother and four remaining brothers (there was a total of 11 pups in this litter) I felt badly for separating Maggie from her family. But I realized if it wasn't our familyadopting maggie it would be another family.

Watching her explore her new surroundings I wonder what is going though her mind. How long will it take to settle in to our home and establish a routine? I wonder if she misses her familiar surroundings?

After sharing my news with friends and acquaintances I opened myself up to some unsolicited advice. Many people thought I was crazy for changing my life. But the true pet lover had only support for me. We talked technique in training, information on veterinarians as well as doggie school locations. Once her shots are updated I even have offers for playgroup!!

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