Monday, September 21, 2009

So it really is true mailmen do carry dog treats in their bags. While out for a walk today I met our new mailman or should I say mail woman. After introducing myself to Cheryl I introduced Maggie to her as well. I figured it would be a good idea for the Cheryl to get to know Maggie in case she is out in the front yard when the mail is delivered. After the introduction, Cheryl asked if Maggie would like a biscuit. When I replied yes she pulled a milk bone dog biscuit out of her mailbag. Maggie ate it promptly. Well that was it for the walk! Maggie just wanted to follow the Cheryl, her new best friend. Maybe I should have let her and then I could have asked Cheryl to deposit her on the front step when she was finished with her deliveries! Heh, maybe we could arrange something and Maggie could keep her company on a daily basis!

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