Sunday, September 13, 2009

This weekend I was sitting on our front porch with Maggie at six in the morning. A pleasant hour just light enough to see but with most people still asleep there was not much activity in the neighborhood. I was reading my book and Maggie (not on a leash) was sniffing around the porch. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement and to my surprise a small fox came up the front yard. At the same time I noticed this fox Maggie sensed it as well. She looked at it and looked at me. I proceeded to yell, more out of surprise then to scare it away, but my scream did scare it down the front lawn. At the same time I yelled for Maggie to come with me and thankfully she listened and we ran in the front door.
I have spoken to friends in the past and they have told me they have seen foxes in our neighborhood, but I couldn't imagine I would encounter one myself.
I was freaked out about the whole experience and I now have to ask myself if I am prepared to change my lifestyle and not enjoy being outside with Maggie? Will this be a onetime occurrence and if I walk Maggie at night will the same thing happen? When did our neighborhood change and become a place for wild animals to roam?
First thing Monday morning I plan on calling the township and finding out what can be done about this problem.


  1. scary!!!! tell the guy who owns the deer- maybe he'd like a fox in his backyard as well!!

  2. another friend said he had a coyote on his front lawn in the middle of the night!