Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So we are debating between an electric ( hidden) fence versus a basic wooden fence. I can't seem to make up my mind. Everyday I wake up I have a different opinion. Maybe my mind is still stuck in my childhood backyard where a chain link fence was the norm and seemed sufficient for my dog. Most of my friends that have a dog love the electric fence and tell me how freeing it is. One even claims her dog is so fit because he has the ability to run in the yard and if it were not for the fence the dog would not get so much exercise. I do have my second fence company coming out later this week for an estimate. I really was not impressed with the first fence company. The woman that showed up was not prepared for our type of yard and with the area I want the electric fence to cover. She didn't seem to work very hard for my business and left after showing me what the collars look like and promised to send her partner out to talk to me at a later date. We do have time however, because I know the fence can not installed till Maggie is at least 4 months.

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