Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So Maggie had her second visit to the vets. At 13 weeks she is 20 pounds. She is going to be pretty big. Anyway, on our 15 minute drive in the car she whined the whole time. She was sitting in the middle section of the car, saw me, heard me and if she wanted to she could even touch me, but she still cried the whole drive. She definitely doesn't get the concept of a car, The fact that she can move around and look out the window. I guess I have to drive her more places so she can get used to it.

At the vets we were lucky (or unlucky) to get the same nurse who helped us last visit. Heidi, if you remember from a previous visit was not amused to hear we had considered her name for Maggie. So this time I got smart and didn't open my mouth and I have to admit the nurse was a little more pleasant. So the vet told me because she is now 20 pounds we have to cut her meals to twice a day. I have to increase her morning feedings and slowly decrease the lunchtime ones. I don't think this will be very easy. Maggie loves to eat!!!
After two more shots she was declared to have a clean bill of health and growing nicely. For less them $120 I could have told you the same thing!

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