Thursday, September 10, 2009

I know I keep saying how smart Maggie is and here is another example. At 11 weeks I would like to think she is more then on her way to being house trained. (Although as I write this blog I feel a small regret creeping into the back of my mind. Am I setting her up or an accident today???) But anyway last night I was the first one home and at 10PM took Maggie out. After she peed I opened the door and tried to bring Maggie back in. Well she refused to go and just sat there. I thought for a minute and realized she was probably telling me she was not finished her business. So I walked her around the yard again and sure enough she had more to do!
Now how smart is that!?! If she had verbal skills she would have just told me she was not finished, but I guess in her own way she really did! As much as she is learning about us we are learning about her as well.

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