Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maggie had her first play date with Shaina and Molly two of my neighbors dogs. They are eight year old bichons and a little tamer then Maggie. We took Maggie for a walk and ended up sitting in their yard for an hour. Shaina was a lot more receptive to Maggie being on her property. Molly was a little more protective and growled if Maggie got too close to her. It was a nice visit and I realized that this is a good outlet for Maggie. She needs to be with her own kind every so often.
Later in the weekend I took Maggie for a walk and met a neighbor walking her dog. Snoopy is two and quite honestly I don't remember what breed she is. But once again Maggie was thrilled to see another dog. It kinda reminds me when my kids were little and we had play dates with other children.There is definitely something to be said for getting together with someone at the same level as you. There is a meeting of the minds!

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