Thursday, September 3, 2009

We've checked out different puppy schools for Maggie. There are many schools out there with many different philosophies. One in particular has caught our interest. The teaching goes in two phases. First they board your dog for 10 days and teach them basic commands as well as socialization etc. This seems to be the standard for most schools. The next step is what has caught our attention. After the 10 day period the owners come in for 5 separate sessions and learn how to deal with the newly trained pup. What I really think is that first the school trains the dogs and then the school trains the people. This is a very interesting process. Their success rate is very high (don't remember what percentage that rate is), but if it works then what the heck!
What I need to find out is if you own the pup that does not graduate then do you get your money back???? Or more importantly if the people who own the pup do not graduate then what happens???

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