Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maggie had her first visit to the vet. It was a little overwhelming (for me) learning about all the shots and treatments that are good for a pup. She received a shot, a nasal spray and heart worm pill and a flea treatment. I didn't know that flea collars are basically non existent today so I had to apply a gel directly to her skin. The atmosphere was pleasant and I thought Maggie would be a little more nervous. She handled everything pretty well. That includes the rather monotone nurse who was not very kind when I mentioned that her name Heidi had been on our original list of name possibilities for Maggie.
But overall I learned that we are taking care of Maggie pretty well (although we didn't realize she needs to be fed three times a day not two). At 10 weeks she weighs a whopping 13.2 pounds. She will be a large dog. I keep thinking little dog little poop, big dog big poop!